Commit a4b92658 authored by Johannes Kapfhammer's avatar Johannes Kapfhammer

fix typos in sample runner

parent 457b55d3
......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ func printRunManualInput(binaryPath string) {
colorInfo.Printf("' with your input :\n")
func printRunSampleInfo(binaryPath, sampleName string) {
colorInfo.Printf("Running Sample'")
colorInfo.Printf("Running sample '")
colorInfoIdent.Printf("%v", sampleName)
colorInfo.Printf("' on program '")
colorInfoIdent.Printf("%v", binaryPath)
......@@ -63,9 +63,9 @@ func printSampleVerdict(binaryPath, sampleName, programOutput, expectedOutput, p
colorError.Printf("Sample '")
colorErrorIdent.Printf("%v", sampleName)
colorError.Printf("': Output differs\n")
colorInfo.Printf("Expected Output:\n")
colorInfo.Printf("Expected output:\n")
colorProgramOutput.Printf("%v", expectedOutput)
colorInfo.Printf("\nYour Program's output:\n")
colorInfo.Printf("\nYour program's output:\n")
colorExpectedOutput.Printf("%v\n", programOutput)
} else {
colorCorrect.Printf("Sample '")
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